How To Get Quality Backlinks For Your Website

If it was in self improvement and personal development it might have some, but if it was a health and fitness site of course it would have a lot of relevance and hence value. Too many wrong backlinks can result in a form of a Google slap where your site is un-indexed

Also investigate whether the site you link with is Nofollow or Dofollow. A backlink from Nofollow link will never bring any value in term of SEO effort because the search engine spiders will not follow the link back to your site, though of course you may get traffic from that link if visitors to that site clicked your link.

Returning to the question of how to get backlinks of high quality there are a number of free ways of doing this. Paying may be an enticing option, but there are dangers and it is better to outsource the more effective tasks rather than paying for cheap backlinks of no value.

A quality content link will result in positive results in SEO and traffic. However, a link must have certain qualities to be considered an effective one. The site you are linking from should itself have quality content ie be an authority site.

The first place to start is obviously now the social media sites (what did we do before them?) Whilst it does take a little time to get setup on forums and blog sites etc, the investment is clear to see below.

How To Get Backlinks Without Spending Money

Social Media: Twitter and Facebook

Adding an update which includes a link to a profile or product page etc is easy. The same works for Twitter, leaving a quick message and adding a link is really quick and easy. You can also use a tool like Tweet Adder to set up automated tweets throughout the day, so you are setting up multiple backlinks.

Social Bookmarking: Digg, Stumble and Tumble

Social bookmarking and blogging can be a very powerful tool because the search engine are always crawling them for new and popular content. I’ve found that Digg, Stumbleupon and Tumblr are great networks to submit to..

Posting on Forums

Find a forum that is relevant to your niche. Sign up and start making comments. Be careful not to spam, but leave helpful comments and answer questions, which can lead to sharing your link. Connecting with like minded business owners and people interested in your products can also lead to other activities like JVs. Usually a forum will allow you a link in your signature that people can click on to find out about you – ie generate traffic as well as back links

Comment on Blogs

Just as with forum posts, finding a high traffic blog will do the same. Leave a comment that is useful for the reader. Don’t just write “great post”, these won’t get approved, write something useful and helpful!

An authority link is a backlink from a site already trusted by Google in terms of trust rank. It’s a factor of Google Algorithm, in which once a web site is detected to be an authority, it will get more visibility in SERP’s on related. Cheap SEOEven the fresh graduates of some computer related course rarely understand about SEO.


One Cheap SEO Service Is the Same As the Next, Right?

Cheap SEOEveryday millions of people search for a cheap one way back link as this is the best way to promote a site through search engines. One site can get up to high PR without gaining too much of authority. Once it gets pass PR 5+ it becomes automatically an authority site. After that the more the PR the better the site is.

Reciprocal Link Exchange

In this type of link exchange, links are mutually exchanged and very often does not prove to be too much useful for SEO purpose. One way links are better than such exchange.

Dofollow and Nofollow confusion

It is a controversial topic; normally dofollow and nofollow are just parameters passed through HTML tags; nothing else. It is considered that Google follows only dofollow blogs or sites. Eventually it does not happen; you can see back links from nofollow sites in Google Webmaster’s Tool dashboard. So it is better to build authority back links without bothering too much about their relation parameter.

How to get quality one way back link?

As said earlier, quality one way back links are hard to find. You may consider yourself hiring an expert link building company that is popular for providing authority one way link backs. Hire the company, specify your niche or choice and see one live back link without much effort. Generally such back links cost you huge amount but right professionals may get cheap one way back links for you in competitive price. Once everything is completed see your site performing extremely well even for highly competitive keywords and see money rolling in your way.

Building backlinks is one of the most important steps in any SEO campaign. They need to produce the best possible result so that your website receives the best possible ranking. We can provide you with such results. But this is not all. You will spend little to no money on our services as they are the cheapest ones.

Buy backlinks from us and you will receive backlinks of the highest quality. This is because we only provide relevant backlinks and we place them on the websites that have the best chances of increasing the popularity and search engine ranking of your website. These websites include:

  • Blogs. Blogs become more popular each year as does the blog commenting. By posting a comment you can discuss the blog with other readers and some of your opinion and advice. But it goes both way and you can profit from it. Your every post has your name and URL address and you can use it to get backlinks and traffic to your website. There is a negative factor though. Blog commenting is very popular, but only 1 out of 10 blogs support forwarding of backlinks.
  • Forums. You can find almost any kind of person in forums. People of various ages and social statuses spend their free time there, newbies and veterans alike. Every forum on the World Wide Web is indexed by various search engines, and we can use it to our advantage by posting backlinks in relevant forums, and every single one of these posts will be recorded by search engines.
  • Social networking websites. Social networking sites are taking over the Internet. More and more of them appear yearly and more and more people use them.