Cheap Backlinks – The 5 Common SEO Terms

Even the fresh graduates of some computer related course rarely understand about SEO. This is because several of the I.T schools don’t really include SEO in their curriculum and learning this field is considered to be a self study only. However, they don’t understand that this method is one of the most important factors in the information technology industry. Here are some of the SEO terms that every SEO newbie should know about.


Each page included in the search engines have a plain text backup, known as snapshots. If you cannot open a search result, or open extremely slow, snapshots can help solve the problem. Update the contents of each site indexed by search engines, that is, the Web site to their search engine database, and then called the collection, a collection of general snapshot will be updated.

The Keywords

Keyword is the usual term for every search queries on the search engines. It is what people used to find certain information on the net. General sites will have their own site’s keywords optimization to rank in Google, Yahoo and MSN search. The choice of keywords is particularly based on their main site and to determine the user’s search needs, and some will analyze the site keyword popularity to be confirmed.


The PageRank is an essential term for SEO as it determines the value and popularity of a certain webpage in the World Wide Web. In some cases backlinks are the ones who change the PageRank of your site aside from the visitors.


Weights high commission links to corporate image, can be brought directly to the site visitors, there are more included to the search engine pages. Within the chain is mainly the site’s internal links, each link between the content pages to help improve search engine spiders crawl the site and the sites included in the index efficiency. Outside the chain is mainly imported from other sites link to your site, determine the quality of incoming links a site in search engine weight, when optimizing a draw within the site when you want top-ranking, to see the site quality and quantity of the chain. Lots of web marketers are now looking for cheap backlinks in order to help their site rank in the search engines.

Site Map, robots.txt file

Site Map is also a page, placed above all on the website link to the page. It is based on site structure, framework, web page content files generated navigation. For improving the user experience of great benefit for site visitors direction, and help lost visitors find what they want to see the page. Put in the site root robots.txt file tells web spiders what files on the server can be viewed and what cannot be viewed.

There are still a lot of terms in the SEO industry which should be mastered by anyone who is planning to create their business online. When optimizing your website be sure to follow the ethical procedures of SEO since Google don’t want a spammy approach of optimizing a website.

Cheap backlinks


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