How To Get Quality Backlinks For Your Website

SEO servicesWith a new website one of the most important things you need to know to get you started and getting higher in the rankings is how to get backlinks. If you are looking at how to get backlinks then from doing these things for 20 minutes a day you could easily get 15-20 backlinks every day, which would be over 5,000 in a year!

How to Get backlinks When You Don’t Have The Time

You can outsource your link building to a reputable and affordable SEO company. There are many operators in India or the Philippines who will do the time intensive routines for you at very good rates. You can instruct your sub-contractor on the forums, blogs and pages you want backlinks from and they will do the work.

Otherwise take action yourself today:

1.) Submit a post each on and, with a backlink to your website

2.) Sign up with these Blog-Bookmarking sites:,, and Blokube.Com AND start submitting your new and old posts there.

3) Find 2 Forums from your website’s niche and setup a profile and signature. Find 2 topics to contribute to, two/ three times a week.

Go out and practice how to get backlinks with the above methods that are pretty self explanatory.

Everyday millions of people search for a cheap one way back link as this is the best way to promote a site through search engines. But in simple words it is quite hard to get a one way backlink building source. Link building is not any difficult task. There are so many ways links can be built but it is challenging to find out authority blogs or sites from the lot. Once you successfully find out an authority site you are half done. Just get a link and see your site moving up in search engine result page.

What is an authority site/blog?

An authority site is a blog or site that is highly valued by search engines and has minimum number of out bound links (links going out from a site). Such blogs or sites are crawled by search engines frequently and you find the link indexed in almost no time. Once your link gets indexed to search engines it starts providing link juice. It eventually helps improving search engine result page position and also lifts up page rank (Google’s view to a site).

All high ‘Page Rank'(PR) sites are authority blogs

This is not the fact; PR is just a number that denotes Google’s view but it not the last word. One site can get up to high PR without gaining too much of authority. Once it gets pass PR 5+ it becomes automatically an authority site. After that the more the PR the better the site is.

Reciprocal Link Exchange

In this type of link exchange, links are mutually exchanged and very often does not prove to be too much useful for SEO purpose. One way links are better than such exchange.

Dofollow and Nofollow confusion

It is a controversial topic; normally dofollow and nofollow are just parameters passed through HTML tags; nothing else. It is considered that Google follows only dofollow blogs or sites. Eventually it does not happen; you can see back links from nofollow sites in Google Webmaster’s Tool dashboard.


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